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Your Guide to a Successful Open House

Open house sign.

While open houses are a fun opportunity for buyers, many sellers absolutely dread them. Deep cleaning your home and putting it on display for countless people to walk through may seem like a hassle, but open houses are a useful part of you real estate marketing plan.

Want to have a successful open house? Don’t worry—take a deep breath and check out these tips to make your open house a stress-free process.

Declutter and Repair

Person repairing a hole in a wall.

You should already be doing these things if your home is on the market, but it’s still good to stay on top of any maintenance tasks that may need to be completed. Because many people will be exploring your home, make sure they see it at its best.

To prepare for open houses, clean as much in advance as you can. This is easier than you may think! Make sure there aren’t any dishes in the sink and that the trash is taken out. In addition, be sure to make all of your beds and remove clutter from your closet to “increase” storage space. Finally, eliminate any unpleasant odors by lighting soft scented candles or baking something before the open house.

The weekend before your open house, take some time to DIY any small repairs, like scuffed walls or outdated fixtures. These fixes will impress buyers and really make your home stand out. Remember, don’t take on any massive projects yourself—leave those to the pros.

Stage Your Home

A neutral living space that's staged for buyers.

If your home is already on the market, chances are your agent has done a bit of staging. However, there’s more you can do during an open house.

Be sure to remove all personal items, particularly ones that you might not have considered before. Examples include valuables like tablets and laptops and pet bowls. Your agent may tell you to add small touches like fresh flowers or refreshments before the open house.

Remember, people are trying to imagine themselves in your home. By keeping the decor as neutral as possible, this will make them more likely to schedule a private showing—or even better—put in an offer.

Create a Plan

A family going out.

To ease the stress of your upcoming open house, make a plan with your family and agent. Sellers are not typically at open houses, so go shopping or run errands that afternoon. You should ensure that you won’t be home too early, as this can be off-putting to potential home buyers. If you have pets, hide their litter boxes and toys and be sure to have a plan in place so they are not a disturbance.

Finally, don’t forget to tell your neighbors about your open house. Not only could this increase traffic, but they’ll be able to plan ahead for the extra cars that will be on your street or put their furry friend inside to reduce noise.

Use Social Media

A woman using a computer to check social media.

Working with a real estate agent will give you access to a number of resources to help your home sell quickly. While they will be able to get the word out about your open house, utilizing your own social media has its benefits.

Be sure to share the address and date of your open house on your social media profiles. You never know who might share the post—it might even reach a potential buyer.

Ready to list your home?

A close-up of a neighborhood.

If selling your home seems scary, don’t worry—Rajshree Banerjee is here to help. Raj is your local New Jersey Gold Coast real estate expert and will help your home sell quickly and for top dollar. If you’re looking for more tips, give us a call or check out our website, which has plenty of resources for selling your home. Don’t wait—the Jersey market is hot!

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