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Satisfy Your Caffeine Craving at These Top Hoboken Coffee Shops

Heading to work every morning, cooking dinner when you get home, finishing up cleaning and laundry, running a few odd errands—your to-do list can be tiring. Luckily, there are plenty of spots around Hoboken to get a nice little energy boost!

From cozy little cafés to sleek and modern roasters, here are a few of the best Hoboken coffee shops to incorporate into your morning routine.

bwè kafe

People drinking various types of coffee.

Haitian Creole for “drink coffee,” bwè kafe has been a Hoboken favorite since it opened in 2013. The cafe specializes in serving earth-conscious coffee—they source their beans from La Colombe, a direct trade proponent, and each cup sold goes towards Haitian education and clean water.

All of bwè kafe’s coffee features Haitian beans, and their speciality brewing methods include pour overs and Japanese slow drips—both of which are must-tries!

Bean Vault Coffee

Milk being poured into a latte.

Tucked just off the banks of the Hudson, near Pier A Park and Warrington Plaza, Bean Vault Coffee boasts a prime location. Plus, since it’s just off the PATH Station, it’s incredibly convenient to grab a cup of cold brew on your way into work.

The cafe sources from Joe Coffee in NYC, which is known for high quality, single-origin beans. While the interior may be a little small, you can always take a cup to go and lounge at the nearby waterfront.

Black Rail Coffee

Coffee being made in a Chemex.

Just off the 9th Street Light Rail Station, you’ll find the unique charm of Black Rail Coffee. Coffee, tea, pastries, sandwiches—Black Rail does it all, and even includes gluten-free and vegan options!

If you’re big on having a wide selection of milk varieties, then you’re going to love what Black Rail has to offer. They’ve got everything from coconut to almond to oat (which we hear is one of the best), and adding a little splash into your latte takes it to a whole new level. Their sandwiches are also to die for—be sure to order the sandwich of the month for some seriously amazing flavor combinations.

The Roost Outpost

An espresso machine.

The self-proclaimed little brother of the original Roost in the East Village, the Roost Outpost is just a few minutes from the waterfront. The sleek interior is outfitted with modern white tiling and rich wood accents, so if you love a strong aesthetic, the Roost Outpost will check off all your boxes.

The Roost Outpost does a lot more than coffee, though—they’ve also got a full shop inside, sourced from all local artists and vendors, including things like sunglasses, soaps, hand-shaped surfboards, pottery, and more. If you’re looking for a good cup of coffee, a killer design, and a unique experience, look no further!

Jefferson’s Coffee

A cup of coffee sitting on a table.

A smaller shop that just opened in 2016, Jefferson’s Coffee has quickly made a name for itself in Hoboken. The coffee here is organic and roasted in small batches, so it’s one of the freshest cups you’ll find in the area!

In addition to coffee, Jefferson’s also offers some tasty pastries and snacks—including gluten-free options—as well as plenty of indoor seating. Stop in and try one of their unique drinks while you finish up some work for the day!

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