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How to Spring Clean Your Home Before You List

Did you know that spring is the busiest season for real estate? It’s true—and if you’re thinking about listing your home, now is the time to start preparing. Before you start staging and setting a price, it’s important to get rid of any lingering dust, grime, and clutter from your home. If you’re not sure where to start, here’s how to spring clean your home before you list.

Declutter & Reorganize

Person decluttering, and other ways to spring clean your home before you list

Even if you clean every inch of your home, buyers won’t notice your hard work if they’re overwhelmed by clutter. Decluttering and reorganizing is a crucial step of the spring cleaning process, and it’s a lot easier than you might think.

Before you start, take an inventory of every room in your home—and don’t neglect your garage and closets. Which spaces are feeling a little cramped? Is there anything you know you can throw away? Start with the room that needs the most work, and sort through your things by using “keep,” “donate,” and “throw away” piles. You’ll have a more organized home in no time!

Work Room by Room

Family cleaning, and other ways to spring clean your home before you list

Once you’ve gotten rid of any unnecessary stuff, it’s time to start actually cleaning your home. Before you get overwhelmed by the process, consider tidying room by room instead of doing it all at once. Having a plan of action can make everything so much easier!

You may want to start with your kitchen and bathrooms, as these spaces receive a lot of foot traffic and get dirty pretty quickly. Remember to mop your floors, wash your baseboards and windows, and disinfect all surfaces. If you’re feeling ambitious, consider cleaning under your appliances and laundering all window and shower curtains.

Tackle Any Maintenance Projects

Paint roller

As you scrub down your home, you might notice a few lingering projects that you’ll want to finish before you list. Buyers are going to be scrutinizing every inch of your space, and if they don’t find any problems, a home inspector will.

Spring is the perfect time to tackle all of your repairs, and you can probably complete some of them on your own. In addition to your annual home maintenance tasks, consider giving your HVAC system and water heater a good checkup to ensure they’re in working order. Be sure to also look for leaks around toilets and sinks, and fill appropriate gaps with some fresh caulk. It’s never a bad idea to check the batteries on your smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, too.

Don’t Neglect the Outside!

Exterior shot of a home

Curb appeal matters more than you think…especially when you’re selling your home. Some buyers won’t even make it inside if they don’t love your home’s exterior, which means its time to extend your spring cleaning to the outdoors.

First, take a look at your home from the street. If your walkway is cracked or if you notice some peeling paint, address those issues right away. You should also pressure wash your outside walls, spruce up your landscaping, and clean your gutters. These small additions to your spring cleaning routine can really add up, and they’ll also help buyers fall in love with your home.

Ready to Spring Clean Your Home Before You List?

If you’re getting ready to list your home this spring, I’d love to help you navigate the selling process. As your Gold Coast real estate expert, I have what it takes to price, market and sell your home—just give me a call to learn how I do it!

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