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How to Prepare Your Home for Virtual Open Houses and Tours

If you’re in the process of selling your home right now, then you’ve probably experienced the challenges of social distancing firsthand. Virtual open houses and tours can help you show your home off during these challenging times…without any unnecessary hassles.

Navigating Video Showings and Virtual Tours

The world hasn’t completely stopped because of COVID-19, and people are still buying and selling homes. Because in-person tours aren’t an option in New Jersey, agents are now turning to video showings and virtual open houses to assist their clients. You can protect yourself, your agent, and your virtual guests by following these helpful tips.

Open All the Doors

Home with Doors Open

Before the tour or open house starts, make sure to open every door in your home. Don’t forget closet doors, garage doors, and even pantry doors. You’ll also want to sanitize the doorknobs both before and after the tour.

Opening all the doors also keeps the virtual open house running smoothly. It can be awkward to watch someone open a door on camera, and a choppy video can make your home less appealing to prospective buyers. 

Turn On Every Light

Lights On in a Home for virtual open houses and tours

Make sure every light in your house is on before your virtual tour or open house begins. That way, whoever’s actually walking through your home doesn’t have to touch any light switches. This is a simple step that prevents any unnecessary contact, but it will also help streamline your video. It’s also a good idea to remind the person giving the tour to not turn off any lights when they leave a room.

Again, you’ll also want to sanitize the light switches before and after every virtual event. Even if it’s just you and your agent conducting the tour, you can never be too careful!

Clean Everything

Deep Cleaning for virtual open houses and tours

A virtual tour minimizes the number of people that are physically inside your home, but you’ll always have someone conducting the tour and holding the camera. To protect yourself and this person, you’ll still have to sanitize everything beforehand. 

This is a great opportunity to make sure your house is clean in general. Although these events are digital, your home still has to look its best. Sanitizing everything is a step you can add in after you’re done cleaning!

Selling Your Home on the New Jersey Gold Coast?

I’m Raj Banerjee, and I’d love to help you enter the real estate market during these uncertain times. I’ve got plenty of resources available for anyone looking to sell, and I can even help you find a new home in the area, too. Feel free to contact me when you’re ready to take the next steps.

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