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Will Home Showings Change After COVID-19?

Home showings have changed across the nation since the start of stay-at-home orders and social distancing measures. Although some things will start going back to normal as the coronavirus slows down, certain aspects of the real estate industry will never be the same.

What You Should Know About Home Showings, Virtual Tours, and Sanitation

The real estate market has had to adapt to different changes in different places. For example, some states have banned in-person tours, while others have allowed them throughout the pandemic. Although standards haven’t been consistent everywhere, there have been similar patterns of behavior and safety precautions that will more than likely stay in place post-COVID, especially here in New Jersey.

Virtual Tours

Woman Getting a Virtual Tour

Even though some states are allowing in-person home showings, most buyers are continuing to rely on virtual tours. These virtual tours, while not perfect, have made it much easier for both buyers and agents to see and show homes. They’re also extremely useful for people who are making a move from far away.

Some listings even offer virtual tours that are more like video walkthroughs of a home—they’re commonly called “3D tours”. While these aren’t always going to be perfect, they’re great for home buyers who want to narrow down what homes they are and aren’t interested in. 

When it comes to showing off a home, virtual tours can’t always beat a regular showing. However, virtual tours are so much easier and more convenient for most people, so they’ll likely stay around post-COVID—even as a preliminary step to seeing a house in person.

Sanitation During Home Tours

Sanitizing During Open Tours

In-person home tours might not be common nowadays, but most agents agree that they’ll be back in the near future. However, they might be a little different than before. After the pandemic is under control, most homes that you visit will have every door already opened and each light turned on. This means that you or the agent won’t have to touch pretty much anything upon arrival. Hand sanitizer may also be provided, and masks could be required for at least a few more months.

These simple measures make it safer for both you and the homeowners. While it isn’t a foolproof way to stop the spread of germs, it definitely makes it much more difficult for germs to stay on surfaces when you’re not touching them. 

Are You Looking to Buy or Sell a Home?

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